Types of headaches, causes and treatment using home remedies.

Types of headaches, causes and treatment using home remedies.

A pain or ache in any portion of the head.

Cluster headaches: Often occur as a one-sided headache which comes on suddenly, causes debilitating pain, and comes and goes in severity.

Common causes
Common causes of headaches include eyestrain, tension, poor ventilation (lack of fresh air), sinus pressure, constipation, allergies (food, pollens, chemicals, etc.), stress, anxiety, muscle tension, infection, anemia, hunger, fever, hormonal imbalances, trauma to the head, nutritional deficiencies, sinusitis, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, spinal misalignment, temporomandibular joint syndrome, airborne pollutants, and chemicals (perfume, industrial fumes, etc.). Other causal factors include diseases of the eyes, nose or throat. Nutritional deficiencies (niacin, pantothenic acid, B vitamins) or an overdose of vitamins A. Disturbances of the digestive or circulatory system. Birth control pills cause headache by causing a vitamin B6 deficiency.

The headache may be caused by a reaction to a certain food, such as chocolate, wheat, sugar, mono-sodium glutamate (MSG), dairy products, hot dogs, luncheon meats, citric acid, vinegar, or marinated foods. Sulfites, found in certain foods, can do it. Fermented foods, such as sour cream, yogurt and cheeses can do it also.

Headaches can be caused by nitrites in hot dogs, sausages, and other processed meats. They can be caused by too much salt in a meal, ice cream (chilling the roof of the mouth), hunger, and cleaning fluids.

Types of Headaches.
There are two important subtypes of headaches. Emotional stress is an important cause in all of them.

Nervous headaches. These are muscle contraction headaches. The experts tell us that 90% of all headaches are caused by tension, worry about problems, conflicts with others, etc. Nervousness causes the muscle to tighten up.

Cluster headaches. These are severe, recurring headaches. Called histamine headaches, they are related to allergic reactions. Inhalant allergens may be a cause (including perfume, house dust, cigarette smoke, etc.). They may occur by themselves or be associated with other problems and diseases, including chronic fatigue syndrome. Keep a diet diary. Ninety percent of those with cluster headaches are men.

The treatment for headaches depends on the underlying cause. Headaches caused by a certain problem frequently return. So identify what is causing them and many future headaches can be staved off.

I.When a headache comes, apply cold compresses to the place where the pain seems to be originating. This reduces muscle spasms and constricts blood vessels. Leave a damp washcloth in the refrigerator for 10 minutes or dip the cloth in water with ice cubes, wring it out, and apply. Also take an enema.

II.Place a heating pad, hot towel, or hot-water bottle on the shoulder muscles, and possibly on the neck. Do that which helps you best.

III.Take a neutral temperature full bath to get rid of a headache. Try taking a hot footbath. For more on water therapy.

2.Proper diet and nutrients
I.Include enough fiber in your meals and take an enema weekly.

II.Make sure you are taking enough B vitamins, especially niacin (2,000 mg) and pantothenic acid (50 mg). Vitamin A (get beta-carotene in green and yellow vegetables) and iron are also important (but be sure to get your iron from food, such as blackstrap molasses, not from chemical supplements).

III.People with regular magnesium deficiency tend to have tension headaches. Take 600 mg daily.

V.Do not use much salt.

3.Useful and helpful herbs to help you  recover/get relief
I.Helpful herbs include valerian, feverfew, balm, fleabane, cowslip, lavender and white willow.

II.Evening primrose contains phenylalanine, a pain-relieving compound. Ginkgo increases blood flow, which reduces a headache. Rub diluted peppermint oil or lavender oil on the temples to alleviate a headache.

III.Any of the willows will help reduce headache pain. They, along with cayenne, contain salicylates, which help stop headaches.

IV.Turmeric and ginger (combined or separate) are good for headaches.

V.Drink a capsule of hops with water. Skullcap is antispasmodic and helps relax your nerves. Periwinkle increases the flow of oxygen in the brain.

VI.For severe headaches, fast with juice and green drinks, and take herb laxatives (cascara sagrada or senna),

Other suggestions that might be useful and helpful to get rid of headaches
1.Regular exercise can help prevent tension headaches. Exercise when it occurs, but do not exercise if it is severe.
2.Get enough sleep; but do not oversleep.
3.Breathe deeply.
4.Bright light can cause squinting, eyestrain, and headaches.
5.Do not overdo. Learn to live within your limits.
6.When you have to face high altitudes, take additional vitamin C (plus ginger) to avoid a high altitude headache.
7.Keeping a diary will help you determine the cause of the headaches. Note date, time of day, where the pain is felt, and any comments about what you think might be possible causes.
8.If you think that something you just ate might bring on a terrible headache, take 5 charcoal tablets within an hour; and, as soon as you can, take an enema. (But do not take charcoal tablets daily.)

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