Main causes of kidney stones and how to avoid with natural remedies.

symptoms, causes, treatment,how to dissolve and get rid of  kidney stones (Nephrocalcinosis, Lithemia, Uric-acid Diathesis) with natural remedies.
Kidney stones (also called bladder stones or cystic calculi) are an abnormal accumulation of mineral salts (primarily calcium oxalate (70%-80%), uric acid crystals (10%), and/or calcium phosphate, magnesium ammonium phosphate, uric acid, or cystine). They form in kidneys and, during passage down the ureters, may lodge in them or in the bladder. Kidney stones primarily affect middle-aged and older men. (In contrast, women mainly have gallstones.)

Initially an intermittent, dull, drugging pain radiating from the upper back to the lower abdomen, usually increased by motion.
There is bleeding and renal colic (strong kidney pain) when the stone enters the ureters. These sharp pains may last hours or day. There is increased urination with pus and blood, pallor, nausea, and vomiting. Sometimes there are fevers and chills.
When you have bloody urine and sharp pain in the bladder or kidney (a pain stronger than those of childbirth), it is very likely kidney stones.

Oddly enough, a key factor in the production of kidney stones is a calcium and/or magnesium deficiency often the result of drinking sodas instead of water. The minerals in the stones from your own bones!

Refined carbohydrates, especially sugar, prompts kidney stone formation. The amount of sugar in the pancreas increases; and it excretes additional insulin which, in turn, causes the kidneys to discharge more calcium in the urine.

Calcium is needed by the body. If there is not enough calcium is in the diet, the parathyroids will signal the body to extract calcium from the bones in order to keep the blood calcium at normal levels.

A vitamin B6 and magnesium deficiency may also cause stone formation. A Swedish research group found that taking both daily stopped stone formation in 90% of their patients. Magnesium, like calcium, can bond with the oxalate. B6 (10mg a day) lowers the amount of oxalate in the urine.
In response to reduced blood calcium levels, the parathyroids trigger the body to draw it out of the bones
Partial causes of kidney stone formation can include dehydration (not drinking enough water), infections, prolonged periods of rest in bed, and only rarely taking vitamin D and calcium.

Too much food, including acid-forming foods-especially meat, along with white-flour products, sugar foods, tea, coffee, spices, and vinegar-all help produce an excess of waste in kidneys. Eventually it accumulates into gravel and stones.

If you are eating the wrong kind of fatty acids (the kind found in meat and junk food), it can combine with the calcium and be excreted in the stool. This keeps the oxalate in your food from combining with the calcium; so it passes into the kidneys and forms stones.

Treatment and other natural ways to help get rid of kidney stones.
Increase water output
I.It is vital that you increase the amount of water you drink! Kidney health is keyed to an adequate fluid level in the blood. It is best to only use distilled water. Buy a distiller and you will not have to pay for bottles of it at the store. (In addition, those bottles are soft plastic; some of which is probably absorbed by water.

II.Used in conjunction with more fluid intake, corn silk tea increases urine output, a very necessary factor in purifying and detoxifying the kidney

III.Watermelon provides additional water. Eat it alone and often; but do not eat it with other foods during meals.

IV.Drink watermelon-seed tea; steep in hot water for 15 minutes, strain, add a little honey, and drink.

Proper nutrients to take to dissolve kidney stones and keep the kidney healthy.
I.A lack of vitamin A can lead to stone formation. It helps protect the lining of the urinary tract. A vitamin B6 and magnesium deficiency may also cause stone formation.

II.A more acid urine prevents and dissolves kidney stones. Drink cranberry juice frequently. (One writer says that ocean spray brand is only 30% cranberry juice, plus sugar, etc.) All other fruit juices become alkaline in the system. A research study found that, in 10 patients, drinking cranberry juice reduced the stones in size by an average of 50%.

III.Drink potassium broth. This is made from potato peelings. The outer portion is rich in potassium. Cook it with carrots, garlic, and celery. Simmer for 30-40 minutes, then strain and drink the liquid. Excess can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.

Useful and helpful herbs to prevent and treat kidney stones.
I.Take licorice, to reduce swelling of the ureters, so the stone can pass.

II.Hot compresses made with concentrated ginger tea help alleviate the pain of kidney stone attacks. The compresses act as counter irritants, taking the mind off the pain.

III.Horsetail tea is recommended by the German government to increase urine output during kidney stone attack.

IV.Parsley tea will help prevent and treat kidney stones. Use 1 tsp. dried root, steep for 10-15 minutes, strain and drink 2-3 cups daily.

V.Drink several cups daily of stinging nettle tea to prevent and treat kidney stones. (Use gloves when gathering them, but the stings are lost during cooking; the leaves are delicious.)

VI.Other helpful herbs include dandelion, rupturewort, and madder

.How to dissolve kidney stones.
I.To dissolve most kidney stone located in the renal pelvis, ureters, or in the bladder, drink 3 quarts to 1 gallon of hot water, along with lemon juice or cranberry juice, for 3 consecutive days. After this, on the 3rd day, drink 2 fluid ounces (oz). Olive oil.

II.An alternate formula is apple juice and lemon juice fasts, followed later by Olive oil.

Foods and other things to avoid to get rid of kidney stones.
I.Oxalate, a key chemical in kidney stone formation, occurs naturally in various green vegetables, some more than others. Rhubarb has the highest oxalic acid content of anything eaten by man. Hardly any bug will touch it. People should never it eat, Also do not eat spinach, chard, or beet tops. About 60% of all stones are calcium oxalate in nature. Do not put vinegar into the body.
There may be an excess of purines. Stop eating meat. Meat-based proteins are a causal factor in producing kidney stones. Do not overheat on other proteins. In addition, calcium and magnesium are crucial, to stop the calcium loss for bones. But meat supplies too much phosphorus, which keeps the calcium from being utilized.

II.Do not use soft drinks, caffeine, chocolate, cocoa, pepper, nuts, poppy seeds, or black tea.

III.Reduce salt intake

IV.A strict macrobiotic diet (lots of grains, and little fruits and vegetables) tends to concentrate the urine and may cause stones . This can be a significant cause of them.

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